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“In every stage of life, liberty is the realization of one’s energies, independence and perfection”

Dr. Maria Montessori



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Montessori School of Gainesville will nurture the imagination and spirit of the child, striving each day to create life-long learners. Apart from building a firm foundation in language, math and cultural studies, the child will have every opportunity to blossom into an independent, gracious, kind and self confident individual.

"To paint a perfect picture, you must be talented and have a wide imagination. Also you need to have the right instruments and tools. Every child has a talent and a wide imagination. We have the right instruments and tools to paint the perfect picture for the child's future."

The Montessori Method is a time-tested journey that has taken many a child from hesitation and separation anxiety to young men and women brimming with zeal, enthusiasm and the confidence to take on the most challenging of tasks.



Montessori School of Gainesville provides the best Montessori intellectual program.


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